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Transgender body contouring

In most cases there is a clear difference in body contour between men and women. These differences are caused by a difference in skeleton, muscle building and fat distribution. That is why many transgender patients are interested in interventions that can adapt their body contours to their gender identity.
The most important areas for correction are the waist (so-called “waist-to-hip ratio”) and the buttocks (gluteal zones).

Masculinization of the body contour

A female pelvis is significantly wider and shaped differently from the male. In principle, surgery on the bone structure of the pelvis is not possible. The wider female pelvis cannot be reduced by surgery. That is why the body contour can only be corrected by interventions on the subcutaneous fat layer. Testosterone treatment changes the fat distribution. For that reason, it is advisable to wait for the effect on the distribution of fat until about 1 year after the start of hormone therapy. Contour correction is possible in the patients thanks to a liposculpture of the typical female fat deposits. The most frequently treated areas are flanks, hips, waist, inner thighs, buttocks and breeches.

Feminization of the body contour

Hormone therapy induces clear changes mainly in the area of ​​breast development, changes in fat distribution and thus the body contour. In some patients, these changes are not pronounced enough and require further surgical correction. When hormone therapy is followed, it is recommended to wait at least 1 year for its effects before considering surgical corrections.

A more feminine waist ( waist - to- hip ratio) can be obtained by liposculpture of this region. However, the expected result also largely depends on the skeletal structure, but also on the amount of intra-abdominal fat. Therefore, satisfactory correction will not be possible in some patients.

Female buttocks are characterized by their curves, fullness and projection. Feminization of the buttocks is possible by lipofilling (fat transfer) and is called a "Brazilian butt lift", or by gluteal implants. Lipofilling is the most appropriate method for most patients. The previously male fat deposits are sucked away, and then the suctioned fat is injected into the buttocks. The condition is, of course, that sufficient fat is present. If not, a buttock implant can always be placed.

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