"Face and neck"
Fraxel laser

Fraxel laser for pigment disorders - melasma - fine lines – scars – large pores - skin rejuvenation of hands and cleavage
The FRAXEL  laser is a revolutionary piece of medical technology. The technique was developed by the search for the benefits of laser skin “vaporization”, but without the side effects and long recovery of former "laser resurfacing”.  This laser can be used for many skin disorders. First skin rejuvenation through renewal of the upper layer of skin (skin resurfacing). Also as wrinkle treatment of fine wrinkles (especially around the eyes) FRAXEL gives excellent results. In addition FRAXEL is the indicated laser  for all types of pigmentation problems and is now the gold standard in the treatment of melasma, the so-called pregnancy mask. Other highly successful indications are acne scars, traumatic  or surgical scars and large pores. The treatment of striae (stretch marks) caused by pregnancy or growth, also when pigmented, is very successful. Interestingly, this FRAXEL technology is applicable all over the body. FRAXEL treatment produces thousands of tiny but deep cylindrical treatment zone. With this "fractional" (partial) treatment, the recovery period becomes much shorter than with older techniques. Because the skin is treated only partially during a session (about 20%)  four or five sessions are required for the entire skin surface to be treated, with three or four weeks apart. Anesthesia for this treatment is not necessary but an anesthetic gel is applied to the face one hour before treatment starts. The patient leaves the clinic with redness and slight swelling, which may take several days. The results are immediately visible but better still six months following the last treatment, caused  by the progressive improvement of the subcutaneous connective tissue.

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