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The demand for aesthetic procedures has hugely increased for several years. More and more people are looking for a specialist in plastic surgery or a hospital or clinic with an experienced aesthetic surgeon. Years ago, plastic or aesthetic surgery was only for those who could afford it and who dared to undergo these operations. There has been an enormous progress in the last decades in both surgical techniques and anesthesiology. Increased safety measures, more democratic prices and breaking down the taboo on aesthetic surgery caused this explosion in demands for cosmetic surgery.
It is very important that you are treated by a specialist with the appropriate training and experience. Within the world of plastic surgery there is a growing division between surgeons who mainly do reconstructive work (e.g. burns, breast reconstruction etc.) and surgeons who are specialized in the aesthetic surgery. Aesthetic surgery slowly becomes a proper specialty. Other medical specialists intermingle in the field of aesthetic surgery, but I leave their knowledge, training and experience to your common sense.
Another clear trend in the world of medical aesthetics is the growing demand for non-invasive, non-surgical techniques. This explains the growing success of botulin, wrinkle fillers and lasers. A modern aesthetic practice does not only offer surgical solutions but also non-surgical alternatives.

A private clinic: plenty of advantages

Private initiatives like Clinic De Baronie have recently mushroomed in Belgium. If there are necessary and controlled safety and quality measures, it can only be to your advantage. Especially the small, discreet and personal atmosphere and the non-institutionalized but personal responsibility of the physicians are in favor of the client. Unlike working in a hospital, all staff members are trained to approach "healthy" patients: this requires a completely different approach and mentality than hospital nurses and other hospital staff members who often do not understand the fact that you have voluntarily opted for surgery.

The hospital remains, however, an important pillar in the full range of procedures that we want to offer. Some patients only ask for reconstructions that are refunded by the health insurance. These insurances will only intervene when these interventions take place in a hospital, for example in the case of breast reconstruction.

Also other patients are preferably treated in a hospital environment. Especially when several, more extensive operations are combined and a one-night-stay in the hospital is desirable, or when the patient has a particular pathology (such as diabetes). Dr. Myny is active in the General Hospital Jan Palfijn in Ghent and patients can be operated and hospitalized in this hospital.

Five doctors are working in The Baronie, each with their own specialty. In addition to the plastic surgeon, there is a certified anesthesiologist, a doctor specialized in vibroliposculpture under local anesthesia and a doctor specialized in hair transplants. All aspects of aesthetic surgery can be treated in The Baronie.
The Baronie wants to present itself as a super specialized medical institution that performs all surgical and non-surgical medical-aesthetic treatments "state of the art". You will be treated in the safest possible way and with the most recent developments in this exciting and growing specialty.

Heeft u bijkomende vragen over plastische of esthetische chirurgie?

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